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1st Sunday

THE GATHERING @ Diamond Springs Center

Be infused with joy at this Spiritual Experience! Find yourself meditating, listening to music (BY RITA HARRINGTON,) enjoying an inspiring talk (BY REV. DR. PATTIE WEBER) and participating in an ancient ritual. Set the tone of your week at this deep, expansive, joyful, inspiring, uplifting and empowering happening! In person & Live Stream.11am – 12:30, Diamond Springs Center, 851 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs

2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays

THE SACRED JOURNEY @ Diamond Springs Center

You enter the Temple. Soft music, peace and joy welcomes you in. Sitting in a circle, or on the floor if you prefer, we open with centering prayer. Rev. Pattie begins a discussion. Sharing transpires, questions come, awakening happens. Consciousness expands. You have entered the “Sacred Journey.” We rise and do sacred stretching, moving the body to ready it for meditation. And now we sit. You will drift into peaceful chanting, move into breathing exercises, journey with guided meditations and float into silence. It is your SACRED JOURNEY and It will be waiting for you. 11am – 12:30 In person & Live Stream.11am – 12:30, Diamond Springs Center, 851 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs.

5th Sunday

January 30, 2021


@ The Ranch, limited to 12 souls.

Vaccine required. Indoors. In person only.

$222.00, 11 – 7pm

Includes: manual, 2 meals, snacks, beverages

This intensive seminar will take you to a new dimension in your spiritual growth through a breakthrough heart connection experience. Heartfulness Meditation, Quantum Process, dyads and automatic writing focusing on Communion with Presence, Patterns and Self Compassion through agape Love centered at the Heart. Because of the expansive teachings, this seminar is limited to 12 participants.

The Gathering

1st Sunday of Every Month

Diamond Springs Spiritual Center

851 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs


Love Offering Appreciated
Come and be blessed through chanting, meditation, an inspiring talk and an ancient ritual in a beautiful high vibrational setting. With Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber and friends, join us for THE GATHERING at the peaceful Diamond Springs Spiritual Center.
The restless pursuit of wanting to feel good about ourselves has become a virtual religion. We seek to feel our Oneness with Spirit, know we possess Its Divine qualities, practice affirmations and release negative thoughts and yet still, our sense of self-worth seems to go up and down like a Ping-Pong ball, rising and falling in lockstep with our latest success or failure. Fortunately, there is an alternative to just feeling good about yourself. Knowing the authentic Self’s expansive, Divine nature can guide you to a more uplifting path to happiness: Self-Compassion. Rev. Pattie’s facilitation will introduce the ideas of self-compassion with a Quantum lens and Spiritualized psychology in such a way that it takes you beyond mindfulness into heartfulness and beyond self-awareness into Divine Inner Compassionate Communion. You’ll be in awe of the cutting-edge realizations!
9 Weeks, Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8:30
Dec 1,8,15 Jan 5,19,26 Feb 2, 9
On Zoom or Live at the Ranch