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Weber Solution’s mission is to inspire, uplift and empower people to discover their inner magnificence and uncover spiritual solutions in their lives, through  events, classes, retreats, seminars, travel, and coaching.

Weber Solution’s vision is to transform the world into its True nature of Love, one individual at a time by providing opportunities for inner growth.

Weber Solutions, LLC isn’t easily defined. This online presence is a gathering place for seekers who wish to expand their consciousness and experience more happiness and peace in their lives. It’s a place to discover insights on you life journey, make lasting changes in your life, and find like-minded friends with whom to share time, events and classes. Here, you will experience Pattie’s teachings, gathered from current wisdom, new science, psychology, spiritual saints and sages of all paths and from ancient knowledge. Also, through all the events, classes, seminars, travel and coaching that Pattie delivers in person and online, you are provided with many opportunities to be inspired, uplifted and empowered!


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