Soul-Renewal Spring Retreat & Tulip Experience

 Ananda’s Meditation Retreat, Nevada City

Join  Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber on an inspiring consciousness renewal experience April 26 – 28, 2019. Rest, Rejuvenate, And Be Inspired . . . invite your friends to join you . . . you know, the ones you really want to spend joyful, important time with! Enjoy a treasure trove of enlightening, inspiring workshops and meditations, or just come and spend time restoring your mind, heart and Spirit on this beautiful land while exploring its exquisite, blooming gardens.

  • Tour the famous Ananda Crystal Hermitage and 17,000 blossoming gorgeous TULIPS!!
  • Explore the Meditation Retreat’s flower filled gardens.
  • Spring into cutting edge, accelerated, spiritual Quantum workshops with Pattie that renew your joy and peace at the unconscious and conscious level.
  • Lavish in meditations and relaxation sessions that renew your energies-body, mind and soul.

$350 includes all workshops, meditations, meals, lodging and Tulip experience. Limited to 18 participants.



Contact Pattie

PO BOX 879, El Dorado, CA 95623