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365 Blessings of the Day to Uplift, Inspire and Empower your Life!

By Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber

What would happen if you put on Divine vision lenses and everything you saw, felt, heard and experienced became Spiritualized in that moment? 

The irritation shifts into a glance behind the behavior revealing a new way to respond. A disappointment turns into a knowing that something better is coming. A sad feeling ignites a desire to connect with Spirit. 

SPIRITUALIZE IT: 365 Blessings of the Day to Inspire, Uplift and Empower your Life will encourage you to live your Divine Life now. Pattie Weber provides you with powerful “Blessings of the Day” for every day of the year. 

Each Blessing visits nature, animals, family and friends to fill you with infinite new ways to Spiritualize your life. With inspiring, uplifting, empowering messages, the everyday moments become life-changing shifts in consciousness to apply in your own life.


Spiritualizing It may not happen overnight – yet you will find that practicing joy does change your preconceived paradigms. How do you begin? 

In Spiritualize It, you will discover tools that transform your thinking and being one thought at a time. 
From day one, this book will share a daily story, with an affirmation based in new thought and spiritual teachings, as well as neuroscience, and positive psychology. From January to December these daily blessings guide you toward visualizing and experiencing your best life. 

SPIRITUALIZE IT: 365 Blessings of the Day to Inspire, Uplift and Empower your Life includes: 

• 365 days of empowered thinking with tools, affirmations, and images for joy, kindness, and love. 
• A calendar year (January-December) that can be started any day you desire. 
• Inspiration for spiritual expansion that draws from nature, animals, ordinary moments, positive, spiritualized psychology, neuroscience, and other uplifting, spiritual schools of thought. 

Whatever you are going through in life, there is a way to Spiritualize It that will undeniably inspire you. As you align with Spirit and fill your day with Joy, these blessings will spill over into every area of your life. 


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