The Quantum Coaching Experience


The Quantum Coaching process with Pattie addresses specific issues, limited beliefs around prosperity, self esteem concerns, spiritual questions, emotional blocks and transitions in your life, relationships or profession, by examining what is going on right now and discovering what your obstacles might be. The Quantum Process work reveals the answers and solutions that allow you to be, do and have your heart’s desires.


The Quantum Coaching Format:

  • Complimentary Coaching Consultation
  • 90 minute “Quantum Questions” first session $125
  • 6 week Coaching package $600 if paid in full
  • 50 min. Coaching sessions paid weekly $115
  • One complimentary 15 to 30 minute phone call per week
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Occasional brief check-in calls
  • Powerful “Quantum Action” Steps


Contact Pattie

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