“Discovering Gold in Life Changes”


“Discovering Gold in Life Changes”

July 21st, Sunday, 12 – 8pm

Cost $120

Retreat at Pattie’s Ranch in El Dorado




·      The 3 Phases of Golden Change

·      Guided group experiences to find spiritual and human gifts in each phase.

·      Inner completion, forgiveness and power from your past, giving a deep ground of strength and trust to move forward in fresh ways.

·      A new way of being, fully alive, self-loving, in touch with the Higher Self within you to access your own higher guidance, aligned to your Authentic Self




·      Goldpanning

·      Premier of Rev.Pattie’s first book!

·      Drumming & Music

·      Workshops

·      Freetime at the Pool & lots of shade!

·      Firepit ceremony

·      Delicious Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

Gifts to take home with you:


·      Your own Goldpan & Gold Vial… and all the gold you find!

·      1 hr of special meditation downloads!

·      Inspired, Uplifted, Empowered consciousness!


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PO BOX 879, El Dorado, CA 95623

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