Spiritual Expansion Seekers Membership

Are you tired of lonely, boring sameness and you’re feeling a little lost? Could you use some joy and laughter? Are you in search of some peace in this crazy, disturbing world?  Would it be nice to have genuine connection with great like-minded people that is radical and real? Are you tired of being tired and depressed and frustrated and it would be nice to put yourself first for a change? Could real spiritual depth and connection inspire your life in ways you haven’t even thought of?

 SES Membership will end the stuck place you’ve been lounging in. 1X a month you’ll join in person with other Spiritual Expansion Seekers in Diamond Springs or on You Tube Live, for a unique spiritual SUMMIT of JOY unlike anything else. You’ll rocket online and ZOOM with friends during the week in a class, or sharing a Quantum Experience that will blow your mind. You’ll get a call every week with Pattie and laugh, cry, heal, whatever you’re craving. Do you want to be part of something exceptional and rare?



  • Could you use a FREE blast of Empowerment? 1x a month? LIVE IN PERSON “SUMMIT” (see below)* with Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber in Diamond Springs, CA. (June 3)
  • Want to be uplifted in a Weekly Book Class or Interactive Zoom Experience?
  • You would enjoy a laugh and some Inspiration on a Weekly Private (15 minute) phone call with Rev. P?
  • You want to journey into a whole new inner and outer world? Discounts on Live or Zoom Coaching Packages (50%) and Retreats (5%)!