Quantum Life Coaching with Pattie Weber


Rev. Dr. Pattie’s Quantum Life Coaching is a unique, cutting edge and transformational. Approaching mental, emotional and physical healing as One thing, Quantum Coaching is the key.

It will take you into your pure inner knowledge, that at the moment is stored and cataloged at the unconscious level, unknown to you. There is a spiritual solution for every problem. The problem has been created from old, stored beliefs that held you back. The beliefs gave meaning to everything you see. Those meanings began to project themselves as your emotions and all your emotional states. Those emotional states became behaviors, and became the results in your life. Is it time to change those old beliefs that are causing all those struggles?

Quantum Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping you determine and achieve your personal goals, let go of what no longer serves you, and deepen your connection with the Divine.

Pattie uses multiple methods that will help you with the process of setting and reaching personal goals by first understanding your True self, and your unlimited potential as a Spiritual Being. Pattie may apply mentoring, values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, quantum questions, goal-setting, NLP, QP, hypnotherapy and other techniques in helping you discover yourself.

The Quantum Process Pattie uses is a spiritual hybrid brain science that is a combination of meditation, NLP, conversational hypnosis, Spiritual Mind Treatment and cognitive neurological repatterning.

This blend of these sciences is designed for accelerated neurological change work that makes those changes at the subconscious level, creating new neuro pathways, which create new possibilities in the individual’s experience of life. QP deprograms current thought and behavior patterns and reprograms new choices and responses that create desired results.

Many great philosophers agree, “change your thinking, change your life.” Our lives consist of behaviors that have become habits, which are like deeply grooved roads of neuro pathways that are challenging to shift. In order to change our thinking, QP provides an avenue to create new pathways and remember our Divine Nature that allow individuals to create different, empowered behaviors and beliefs.

QP creates change through quantum questions, positive suggestions and imagination, which guide the individual to a new outer experience of the world. By discovering what belief system or behavior is programmed in the mind, QP rewires it by creating new neuro pathways that cause the person to experience desired outcomes.

Pattie offers sessions by phone, in person, through live streaming and in weekend intensives.


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