Self Compassion

by: Kristin Neff

9 weeks, Wednesday's 6:30-8:30

Dec. 1,8,15 & Jan. 5,19,26 & Feb 2


*Live at Ranch and on Zoom

The restless pursuit of wanting to feel good about ourselves has become a virtual religion. We seek to feel our Oneness with Spirit, know we possess Its Divine qualities, practice affirmations and release negative thoughts and yet still, our sense of self-worth seems to go up and down like a Ping-Pong ball, rising and falling in lockstep with our latest success or failure. Fortunately, there is an alternative to just feeling good about yourself. Knowing the authentic Self’s expansive, Divine nature can guide you to a more uplifting path to happiness: Self-Compassion. Rev. Pattie’s facilitation will introduce the ideas of self-compassion with a Quantum lens and Spiritualized psychology in such a way that it takes you beyond mindfulness into heartfulness and beyond self-awareness into Divine Inner Compassionate Communion. You’ll be in awe of the cutting-edge realizations!.

I have been overjoyed to teach classes this year that have focused on the spiritual advancement that specific women have brought into our world. The classes have studied the metaphysical depth of Emma Curtis Hopkins – 19th Century teacher of teachers, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and its transcendent teachings, Dr. Sue Morter, contemporary spiritual author of the expansive Energy Codes, and now the time has come for another great soul of mystical teachings, St. Teresa of Avila.


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