Vasistha’s Yoga


Pattie Weber’s Quantum Consciousness Class:

Vasistha’s Yoga By Swami Venkatesananda

Semester 2: June 26, – August 7th 2019

Wednesday Nights, 6:30pm – 7 weeks $140               (Semester 1 not required).

2573 Deer Trail Lane, Cameron Park CA  (Private Residence)

October 21, 2014 I had the great honor to bring Wayne Dyer to the Harris Center in Folsom, CA for an unforgettable event. Wayne’s presentation was deep, warm, sweet and profound. He sat in the center of the huge stage, with a pile of books spread across the coffee table in front of him. He shared with us, that these were HIS very special, precious books that he was studying in his own personal life. He shared stories from these books as the evening progressed. What a night.

After his presentation I was backstage with Wayne in the green room, and he said, “Pattie, make sure you read this book. It may take my lifetime to finish it, but I feel it’s one of the most important books I’ve ever read.” It was Vasistha’s Yoga.In a year Wayne crossed over, August 29, 2015, the night Deepak Chopra gave his presentation on the same stage. I’ve always wondered if he finished the book.  I’ve been studying this amazing book. This phenomenal work shares a mystical teaching, with stories, characters, parables, metaphors and wisdom that is so wonderfully mind and soul provoking that I must share the experience with others. I don’t want to experience alone any longer. I want to hear YOUR insights and understandings of this book. I want to share it with you. I must teach this class.

The practical mysticism of Vasistha’s Yogais said to be “such a great ‘scripture’ that it can surely help one attain God-consciousness.” It is a book, a path, for those who are spiritually evolved, and expounds science, psychology and new thought/yogic spirituality through stories and illustrations of Truth. Don’t let the “spiritually evolved” part concern you. If you understand there is a Presence and Power in this Universe that you are part of… if you realize the essence of this Energy is in all things… YOU ARE EVOLVED and ready for this journey!

Vasistha’s Yoga’s main teaching is that everything is Consciousness, including the outpicturings of the materiel world. It exemplifies that everything is a perfect play of Consciousness and Spirit becoming. It serves as a means to eliminate psychological conditioning and to attain liberation.

Yes, this may be considered eastern philosophy, it is also the basis of all spirituality, and you will find it expresses contemporary themes and deep learnings that are personal to you. Sri Ramakrishna describes, “It is fried in the butter of knowledge and steeped in the honey of love.” All I can say is THAT’S for me! Now who wants to join me in this miraculous class?


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